May 1, 2012

500 Crowns ft Swede Pettersen

       It was five years ago, while wandering the streets of Stockholm I was taken for 500 Krona ($75 USD) by some con-men playing the infamous "shell game". A real rookie move on my part. I went back to the hostel, deflated: "Dad I got some bad news". He just shrugged and said "If you can write a song about it, you may get you money's worth." We penned "500 Crowns" that night and couldn't get it out of our heads for the rest of the trip.
      A month ago I went to visit my Dad in AZ, and I brought my recording stuff with me. We laid down "500 Crowns" with some primitive gear while the sun was setting into the desert. At 72 years old here is "Swede" Pettersen making his singing debut.
Is it worth $75? 
And then some.