August 4, 2011

Vapor Trails: East Coast Recap

I didn't want to be another dude with an acoustic guitar telling stories in between songs. I wanted to be myself, like it or not. Electric. Effected. Alive. Some nights I could completely feel the spirit compelling me, like I was really on to something. A couple of nights I damn near fell on deaf ears.

Donny, Waterman, North Carolina

Tito, Montauk Shower

Seth Pettersen, Brooklyn

Donny, Wake Surf Cheater Five, Orlando

Eric Brigmond, Montauk Surf Lodge

Montauk Sunset

My homie James, Brooklyn

Greenfield Lake, NC (Gatorville)

Shark Island Pirates, NC

Midnight Arch, Fairfield, CT

24 shows in a row sure flew by fast. From my start in Brooklyn to the last show in Jacksonville, the whole trip is a blur. I didn't really get enough time in any particular place to be a real tourist. Seems like a dream now. Some days I would get on the baby skateboard and cruise around the venues. It was so hot and muggy, I usually didn't make it very far. Other days I would tag along with Donny and score waves. I ended up surfing just about everywhere there was a bump in the water: Rockaway Beach, Nantucket, Cape Cod, Welfleet, Montauk, Ocean City, Dewey Beach, Asbury Park, Wilmington NC, Isle of Palms, Orlando (Lake Surfing!), Ft Lauderdale, and Jacksonville. I would like to say 'thanks' one more time to Donavon, his band and crew for letting me tag along and stir things up a bit. 24 shows and not a single broken string. Big Shaka + Cheers.

Thanks also to all the wonderful people I met. Stay cool out there. Congrats to Eric and Cat!