August 16, 2011

Busker Fest + Tweedy Dream

I am coming back to Long Beach, this time to play at the annual Busker Fest downtown. I have only actually busked a few times in my life. A long time ago in Seattle, I actually needed to busk to eat lunch. I got a sandwich, and later that night we played at the bar along with a band called 'Beef Curtain'.
Anyways, Busker Fest should be fun. Looks like I'll be totally unplugged, and will probably come unglued. I go on at 5:45.

In other news, I had a gnarly dream last night that I was hanging out on a fire escape with Jeff Tweedy. He went to sit in a chair near the edge, the chair slipped, and he fell 4 stories onto his back. As he was falling he was staring up at me! I panicked, and went to get help. I thought for sure he was dead, but when the paramedics showed up, he was okay. Just a few bruises and cuts. Phheww!
I haven't listened to Wilco in a while, but Ghost is Born is pure mojo.