July 20, 2011

Download Skate Away

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Track listing:
1. Skate Away
2. Castle
3. Biscuits (disarm everything)
4. Mother is a Moth
5. Once in a While
6. Sandbar

California native Seth Pettersen makes the kind of music you might expect from a surfing, skateboarding, guitar playing individual- only better. While bright, cheery melodies and lofty, sunny beats conjure up images of long, relaxing days spent on the beach, the meaningful lyrics and clever song construction make Pettersen's tunes stand out amongst the rest in the 'surf rock' music genre.
Currently on tour with Donovan Frankenreiter, Pettersen is making the most of his summer traveling the country and delighting fans in every stop along the way. And now that July has arrived, it's time for Pettersen to release some brand new music. The six song EP, Skate Away, is set to officially drop this month and it's sure to be another brilliant release. I got the opportunity to preview the first single off the record and I do declare I've fallen in love. "Skate Away" is the perfect summer anthem, offering all the fun, lightheartedness of The Beach Boys, while at the same time adding a Ramones-esque punk rock flare. I dare you to listen to it without tapping your feet and bobbing your head.