June 27, 2011

California June 2011

Amnesia, San Francisco

Rasputin, Berkeley

June was a busy month around here. Lots of miles put on the van, and we didn't even have to leave the state. We started the month out with our pals from San Francisco, Rad Cloud. We played 4 awesome shows with them and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. From Berkeley to Long Beach, from Mattson 2 to Little Wings, good people/good times.

After the stint with Rad Cloud it was time to meet up with Donavon Frankenreiter. Donny was doing his thing again along the California coastline and invited us to open a few shows for him. This was our first chance to play some of the theater sized venues in some towns we'd never been to. While Donavon spent some nights playing private shows, we did some extra-curricular shows of our own, including a few record store shows and a special appearance for the dudes at the Rhythm Livin warehouse.

Mystic Theatre, Petaluma

Central California
Boo Boo Records, San Luis Obispo

Rhythm Livin Warehouse , Irvine

Fingerprints, Long Beach

I get a nasty cold once every two years. I got a nasty cold that went straight to my throat during the so-cal stint with Donavon. It hurt to swallow let alone sing. The whole thing reached its climax the night we played the ASSSSCAT! show at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles. This is my favorite place to play, the place where we only play four songs and comedians do improv comedy based upon my song "meanings" and lyrics. My voice sounded like Tom Waits hacking up Joe Strummer's loogie. The comedians were on point as usual and Tim Meadows confessed to me his love for skateboarding.

Tim B Coach House, San Juan Capistrano

UCB Theater, Los Angeles
Donavon and his band are all righteous. They are the real deal, hard-working musicians who have been at it for a long time. His fans are great too, nice people looking to have a good time. We were treated great by everyone we met, minus one asshole. For my journey East in July, I will have to leave behind Trevor on the Drum Kit and the ultra-lovely woman who took these photos.
See you in the clouds.

Lou's Records, Leucadia

Belly Up, Solana Beach
June Highlights:
*Indian Burritos in Petaluma, CA
*Shooting a video for "Skate Away" on the green screen at Sanuk
*Singer's Saving Grace Throat Spray (Thanks Donny)
*Body Surfing Leucadia
*El Picque Taco Truck in Highland Park, CA
*Swallowing a fly during Baby Buddha at Lou's (irony's not lost)

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