April 17, 2010

Little Black Wheels

A few months ago I played a fun show at Shelter Surf shop with the legendary Beau Young. Beau and I hit it off, exchanged CDs, and after the gig Beau headed back home to Byron Bay, Australia to dwell on his farm and write songs and surf empty waves. A couple of weeks later, another Aussie man named Mick Waters got in touch with me about using 'Baby Buddah' in his upcoming surf movie: "Little Black Wheels". He mentioned that the song would fit perfectly for a segment of the movie featuring the explosive stylings of the one and only: Rasta. Mick also used the song "Ride it Out" for a segment of the film featuring a very crowded summertime spot.

I received the DVD in the mail yesterday and I have watched Little Black Wheels 3 times front to back. It is a truly exceptional surf film, one with heart and the story and the surfing are timeless. It is an honor to be apart of such a wonderful work of art. Please check it out.

See the trailer here