September 21, 2009

Indian Summer with Tall Tales

Park chilling #1 Ann Arbor, MI. It was kind of mystical and swampy, so we called a Bog.

Attempting to get gas at the Canadian Border. Detroit to Windsor. The pump started asking me for my license plate number and zip code. It was a rental car!

Leslie's garage/jam spot. Her house is full of little loves.

The Music Gallery in Toronto Canada. One of the best shows I have ever been involved with. And thats just how Simone Rubi rolls. All the time.

Simone Rubi. Magic.

Simone and Leslie. Babes.

Coffee cup in Toronto.

We crossed the border at Niagra Falls. They wanted $20 to park the car and go see the waterfall. I just jumped out and snapped a couple for free.

Tania and Corinn. Sleeping Beauties.

The barter system in effect. Jamestown, NY. Orbs were all over this trip!

The lovely Anna Ash as Lucille Ball. Jamestown, NY.

Rise and Shine Tall Tales.

Amish Laundry Service. Amish Country, NY.

Bug City aka Phoenixville, PA. Lauren and Pats love pad.

Mystic septic swamp where the frogs are lime green and paralyzed.

Electric Cat. West Philly, PA.

Tall Tales live at the Green Line. Philadelphia, PA.

Verrazano Bridge. NY.

Summer K. Hostess with the Mostess. Total Fox too! Brooklyn, NY.

Seth and Corinn. Drinking buddies for life! Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Times Squares. Where they filmed a couple of movies.

Tall Tales, flip-floppin' NYC. Muck Muck.

Where the money is made. Where someone makes money. NYC.

Some french statue. NYC.

Best pizza was at Artichoke. Manhattan. We ate lots of pizza, but none came close to this one.

Lovebirds. Washington Sq. NYC.

Bone Friends n Harmony. James and Okuma. Petes Candy Store, Brooklyn. Great show.

Port Jefferson Ferry across the Long Island Sound. Thanks Aunt Jeanne!

The breathing billboard. New London, CT.

New London sunset. Sipping Jameson in the rental.

Best clam chowda I eva had, guy! Mystic, CT.

Park Chillin' #4. Providence, RI.

Boston Graveyards are the real deal. Basten, MA.

I accidentally carried this knife all the way from home for the whole trip. Thats through LAX security and across the Canadian border twice. I guess they were too busy searching for shampoo bottles that were too big.

Thanks Tall Tales. I love you forever brother! You did it! We did it!