April 14, 2009

April Powers Voyage of Destiny

Pictures are way cooler than what I would be able to write. I would however like to say thank you to the following people: Trevor Beld for driving the WHOLE time and doing all the dirty work. Tania Beld, Dale Dreiling and Corinn McKnett for putting up with me all those times I had to go pee or would yell. John Healy for upgrading his whole life and showing up how to move on correctly. Michael Leahy for ruling Davis super hard. Matt Roar for ruling San Fran super hard. Connor sisters for being a sight for sore eyes. Landon Sea for being dude #1. Chris Larsen and co for ruling the acoustic sound super hard. On with the show. oh yeah, Randall Sena rules super hard too. MOST THANKS GO TO PAUL WILLIAMS FOR SAVING MY LIFE!!!