November 12, 2008

Good Tymes

I don't know much about surfboards, why I like what I like. I just know I like to have fun, and at this point in time I have narrowed down the boards that I consistently ride to these four. On any given day, I can chose from one of these and have a good time.
Top: A wonderfully heavy log shaped by the lovely Ashley Lloyd. I told her I wanted a heavy board, for cruising. Made out of a biofoam blank, this tanker is set for speed coming in at 10'3" length and a little under 4" thick in the middle. I took it to Dennis Ryder to have glassed with 8oz volan. A few people have gotten mad at me while I was riding this board, and rightfully so. Its tons of fun, but you have to be careful to spread the wealth of waves cause this thing connects the smallest junk all the way to the shore. Best day on this board: Inside the Cove at C-Street, shoulder high and lining up just right, lots of long cradle rides.
Second From Top: 9'6" Scott Anderson "Traditionalist". I bought this board used off of Craigs List a few years ago, from Kurt who plays drums for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Kurt is an awesome guy and great surfer too. Once I started riding this one, it was all I rode for a solid year. So much fun, this board can do it all. Its lost some of its life now, and doesnt move the way it used to, but still puts a smile on my face. Took this board to mainland mexico to surf La Ticla rivermouth.
Second from Bottom: Once upon a time I had a fish that I rarely rode because usually the conditions weren't right for me, and I never really put in the dedication to getting the thing wired. Since I am mostly longboarding, I wanted something for those head high, overhead days. And something for the beach breaks too. This is a 7'8" single fin rounded pin tail thing shaped by mr Derek Dodds. Theres almost no rocker so it can get some speed down the line. This thing has worked really good for me at decent days at Pitas, Pipe, Solimar and Rincon.
Bottom: 7'2" Liddle Displacement Hull. I don't know much about this board. I just got it and Ive only ridden it 3 times. My good buddy Landon Smith rides his Liddle all the time, swears by it. Last winter I surfed with him at Little Rincon and witnessed some of the most radical surfing I have seen in person. The speed that he drew on this thing seemed to be unparralled with anything else. He would get super low and just cling to the pocket. He called me up a few days ago to tell me that a used Liddle was for sale. By the second wave I caught on this thing I could see that I am in for a journey of speed. He said not to get discouraged by its unfamiliar ways, that it would pay off in the end.